My New Trustworthy Singapore Aircon Service Provider

Singapore is a country that definitely has an expensive cost of living. Whether it is major services or daily expenses they are all somewhat higher in this country. That is why we were so relieved to find Cool Earth Singapore to maintain our air conditioning units and be our primary service provider.

As you probably already know, Singapore weather can be very harsh on cooling units. The weather is so erratic here that you constantly have to check on your units to ensure they are working properly for when you need them the most. At my house, for nearly two years I did all of the cleaning of my aircon myself. I would just take the filter out of the unit and then wash it out using water. I was good to go as long as there wasn’t any dust visible from my unit. However, that was until two of my children were diagnosed with bronchitis. When the doctor informed us that one of the potential causes of my children’s recurring cough was the air conditioning unit were were very surprised. That is when we realized that during the entire 24 months we had not had any AC expert maintain or check our aircon system.

That was also the major turning point that caused me to contact Cool Earth. All I did was search online to find any aircon specialist or company that would offer home service at an affordable price. When I contacted them I found Cool Earth to be one of the more responsive companies that I have called so it was fairly easy for me to trust them after that first interaction that I had. It was also a relief knowing that they service Singapore’s residential areas at very affordable rates. When you consider the quality of the services they provide and level of expertise they have, I can definitely say with confidence that Cool Earth really does provide you good value for your money and is one of the best aircon company there is.

There might be some cases when they can’t send out an aircon specialist immediate to your house, particularly during the busy seasons. Therefore, the best thing to do is book ahead of time with them, particularly for major services such as aircon installation and chemical cleaning.

Cool Earth also installed the air conditioning units at our office. I see their team constantly checking out the units on a regular basis. That is the same type of service you can expect to get from Cool Earth, whether your property happens to be commercial or residential.

The Cool Earth team is very friendly, and as they are on of the best aircon servicing in Singapore. There is plenty you can learn from them, including how to detect potential problems with your AC unit, how to extend the life of your air con, and how to save energy. They service all of Singapore now so upon request you can expect that their team to be able to assist you.