About Us

Here at Chilly Temperature, we are all about air conditioners. We acknowledge the importance of aircons in our daily life. Especially for those areas where it’s imagesalways hot and humid. Nobody wants to work at an uncomfortable situation, and sweat and hotness can not only hinder the productivity of an employee, but also the personal hygiene. So everyone has to make sure that the air conditioners are well maintained, and properly installed.

We give tips on installation of air conditioner units. Improper installations can increase the chance of the unit breaking down and may cause more problems. Same can be said on the maintenance. Irregular maintenance and even forgetting to clean a unit can be the cause of damages. Maintenance and cleaning not only helps on identifying future problems your air conditioner may have, but can also keep the air in the room cleaner. Incorrect way of repairs may cause a bigger problem than the original one. Which can cause more, so it’s important to know the proper ways and whom to contact in case any of this happens.

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